Austria is getting more active in the BSD Community

It’s just about a year since we formed the Grazer BSD Stammtisch. Since then we were at the EuroBSDCon in Karlsruhe, the BSDDay in Budapest and had 7 meetings in Graz for beer and pizza. This year will be very interesting for our friends in Vienna because we currently help Manuel Wiesinger to form the Vienna BSD Stammtisch. Their first meeting will be in a few weeks and I’m curious to see how many people we can motivate to go out for a beer. So if you live in or around Vienna then subscribe to the blog to get the latest news about it. We also created an aggregated BSD news feed for all our activities and all BSD related blogs from Austria which you can find on As last year we will again have a booth at the Grazer Linuxtage which is the biggest Open Source event in Graz. But this year we will also have a separate BSD track - the 1st BSD Boot Camp - which is a great opportunity to get introduced to BSD and the community. This is all organized by Daniel Seuffert with the help from the Grazer BSD Stammtisch people. I’m very happy to see the overall progress and what we archived in just one year. Thanks a lot to all people that helped to make this all a reality!