Moving to OpenShift

I was looking for a good solution to host some small wordpress blogs for but it was a bit tricky because I had some special requirements. Since the blogs are currently wordpress based with some custom plugins and themes and it’s own domain that needed to stay the same. In addition to that I also want to be able to modify and fix the code myself because it’s great for flexibility. Thanks to a friend I stumbled across which is a SaaS solution from RedHat and very developer friendly. Many standard applications like wordpress, owncloud and drupal are available immediately and custom applications based on php, java, ruby, python, perl and node.js can also be setup. The customizations are deployed via a git repository that you push your code to so it’s pretty easy to use. The first 3 applications are for free and you have 1GB diskspace and 512MB RAM per app which should be enough for small stuff.

So far I am very pleased with the flexibility and the free plan of openshift. We’ll see if the stability and quality of their service can keep up with that.